The government of Puebla went looking for 113 police officers in Tehuacán, including their commanders

PUEBLA, Pue. (Approved) .- The state government reported that, after taking security in Tehuacán this morning, 255 elements of the municipal police were insured, but there are not yet 113, including safety and traffic controls. those who are supposed to have already fled.

At a press conference, the secretary of the state SSP, Jesus Morales Rodriguez, said they were looking for the 113 police elements, including Marco Antonio López Alfaro, director of public security, and the secretary of the area, Ángel Ernesto Ramírez, They appear in the records, but they were not located at the time the operation was performed.

As it did for the state government in the municipalities of San Martín Texmelucan, Amozoc and Chalchicomula de Sema, the SSP ensured this morning, with the support of elements of the Mexican army, all municipal elements in this city to record their records one by one.

He also mentioned that of the progress that has taken place this afternoon, 20 uniformed people have proved no proof, or confidence, toxicological or psychometric, so it is assumed that they are called in the position "they only got uniform, reference and pistol", without comply with the protocols.

The official explained that this operation had been agreed after the state government discovered that the Tehuacán emergency and immediate response center (CERIT) was not connected to the C5 state system or to the municipal police number.

"This means that there were two emergency numbers and that requests from the police were made in accordance with the decision that someone took within the municipal police were discretionary services," said the head of the SSP.

Another irregularity noted was that the competent judge decides which criminals were made available to the MP and who did not, regardless of the crime they had committed.

He also said that, as part of this operation, a change of command will take place in the prison of that city, in the Emergency and Immediate Response Center, as well as in Security and Traffic Directors.

In response, the Tehuacan curator, Miguel Angel Romero, has announced that the city council is considering promoting a constitutional controversy after considering that municipal autonomy is being violated with state intervention.

However, PAN Governor Antonio Gali Fayad said he took control of the safety of that municipality because of the high incidence of crime recorded in that city, located in the area of ​​operations of the so-called Huachicoleros.

"What we need to do is cooperate, because no one is being pointed out, not even to the police or the local president, what we do is a responsibility act, joining this situation of uncertainty that is lived to arrive and put things in order, he justified.

He then indicated that what these agents are looking for should be checked to ensure that the police of these municipalities are not tied to organized crime and that they are meeting their reliability tests and the required professionalization standards.

All this happens less than two months after the mayoral claims the winner of the last local elections, Felipe Patjane Martínez, who fought for Morena and had to take possession on Tuesday, October 16th.

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