The INE confirms Morena & # 39; s "steamroller" in the Congress of the Union; harvest 191 deputies and 55 senators

CITY OF MEXICO (good) .- With the validation of the federal election of deputies and senators by the principle of proportional representation, the General Council of the INE on Thursday confirmed the overwhelming majority with which Andrés Manuel López Obrador will occur in the following configuration of the Congress of the Union.

After the allocation of deputies and senators of proportional representation or plurinominalities, the figures are as follows:

Of 200 seats to be distributed in the Chamber of Deputies, one hundred for men and one hundred for women: Morena obtained 85; PAN 41; the PRI 38; PRD 12; the PVEM 11; Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) 10 and PT 3.

As far as the upper house is concerned, 17 women and 15 men of the 32 plurinominal senadurs were classified: Morena stayed at 13; PRI and PAN were equal to six; PRD, PVEM and Movimiento Ciudadano with two and the PT with one.

Thus, the seats acquired with relative majority and by proportional representation, Morena will have 191 deputies and 55 senators. And to maintain the alliance Together We Will Make History, with its electoral allies PT and PES, it would reach a total of 308 deputies and 69 senators.

For their part, the opposition parties will be represented as follows: National action will have 81 deputies and 23 senators; the Institutional Revolutionary with 45 and 14 respectively; the PRD with 21 and eight; Citizens' movement with 27 and seven; the green ecologist with 16 and 6; and, finally, New Alliance with two deputies and a senator.

All in all, between all parties that so far formed the opposition, 192 banks joined the House of Representatives and 59 in the Senate.

Integration of the conference. Photo: INE

In the middle of the discussion to validate the election of the legislators, the representation of the Labor Party surprised its fellow party member Morena to have memorized private militants who fought for the PT and for the PES, which would establish an overrepresentation in Congress and a fraud with the electoral law.

Such candidates have denounced the PT in a letter, "were not nominated or proposed within the coalition of the PT, as imposed by the coalition agreement Together We Will Make History", so he demanded that the electoral authority be the background of the party. , militancy and trajectory of more than 30 lawmakers.

Under that analysis, in what could be a break in the alliance between Morena and PT, the plaintiff requested to reconfigure the plurinomial deputations that should result in the allocation of a total of 40 deputies of relative majority to his party and nine more proportional representation.

"Confession of a part, relief of evidence The PT shows fraud in the law of Morena: candidates were nominated by the PT to have an unpeopled overrepresentation It is revealing that it is the PT that removes the mask: Morena does the same as what the PRI did with the Green ", said the representative of MC for the INE, Jorge Álvarez Maynez, along with the document signed by Pedro Vázquez González.

Among the interviewed profiles are those of candidates such as Mario Delgado, Pablo Gómez and even Sergio Mayer, who have openly identified themselves as Morenoites in their careers or campaigns.

Ten of the eleven INE advisers rejected the PT's demand because the period of protest had ended and the argument that there is case law that makes it possible to post candidates with allied parties.

Representatives from PAN, PRD and Movimiento Ciudadano, who formed the Por México al Frente coalition, said they would handle the case at the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Branch (TEPJF).

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