The LXIV legislature has been installed at the congress

The cameras of senators and deputies began this Saturday the sessions of the LXIV legislature of the Congress of the Union.

Although there were only 401 of the 500 delegates and only 87 of the 128 senators, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, installed the session of the General Congress, in the headquarters of the parliamentary district of the Legislative Palace of San Lazaro , and ordered to receive a niche in a room next to the document of the federal Executive.

After the official document of the report was received, the parliamentary factions of the eight political parties returned to the session, where each of them was given a positioning, on the occasion of the beginning of the work of the new legislative power, and of the evaluation. of the exercise of the last year of the government of President Peña Nieto.

"We started a different regime based on the indefatigable search for consensus, we want to bring the country to a higher state of social coexistence and full exercise of the sovereignty of the people, reconciliation is a method of building together, but not a refuge to forgotten, "he said. the chairman of the board, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo.

"Nobody can abolish history, we exercise both the right of memory and the gift of tolerance, this is the zero hour of the new republic", he added.

The first intervention was from deputy Carlos Alberto Puente, representative of the Green Party. In his speech, he stressed that the Peña Nieto government has delivered achievements such as reducing extreme poverty, generating 4 million jobs, reducing oil dependency on oil revenues and setting up the anti-corruption system. During his speech he was booed and cries of "outside, outside" were heard.

He noted that the PVEM will work in conciliation with the new government with the intention that "Mexico will do well."

"We understand that the competition is not between Mexicans but with the world, we will do our best to reconcile ourselves with the objective that the new government under the leadership of López Obrador will do well, if its government also does well in Mexico ," he said.

Deputy José Ricardo Gallardo, representative of the PRD, was the second to position himself in this respect. In his speech he pointed out that the PRD legislators have great hope that López Obrador will fulfill his campaign promises and not end up in the "vice of public deception".

He asked the Morena caucus to take action to raise the minimum wage to 176 pesos for 8 hours of work and to implement a constitutional reform to create the National Lages Institute, which operates autonomously and guarantees the living wage.

He also asked to join forces to promise that he would lower the price of gasoline, decriminalize abortion and legalize termination of pregnancy after 12 weeks to prevent clandestine abortion; to guarantee the right to an equal marriage and adoption between homosexuals; regulate popular consultation; to propose the initiative to hold the referendum on the energy reform; make a truth commission for the 43 of Ayotzinapa; the appointment of an autonomous public prosecutor and the autonomy of the prosecutor to fight corruption; change the security strategy and propose a period of two years to organize a national police.

Dante Delgado, representative of Movimiento Ciudadano, said that people have condemned the Peña Nieto government for their bad decisions & # 39; when they voted for AMLO during the polls on 1 July.

He said that citizens must now demand that Obrador keep his promises and make Mexico a better country.

"The change is to understand that legislation should not impose, is to dialogue and deliberate, so that they understand that legislation of the condition of majority does not mean that they are slavish in power or blind to their excesses and mistakes, implies the responsibility of being a keeper and not a cheerleader., be vigilant instead of an accomplice, "he said in his speech.

"The first major test that Morena has is to keep its promise to reverse the gasolinazo," he added.

He said that if the government of the AMLO decides not to do so, this will be his "first betrayal of the people of Mexico".

The representative of the PT, Reginaldo Sandoval, said the party reaffirmed its commitment to the current government and stressed that they maintain the requirement to clarify matters such as the forced disappearance of 43 Ayotzinapa students and the wave of female murder in the country.

"We have been hurt by the massacre and crime that is upsetting the Mexicans, and we will be part of the solution 66 percent of girls and women in Mexico have had to deal with violence at some point in their lives, 43 percent in the hands of their partners, "he said.

"Our country occupies one of the first places, 7 feminides are in Mexico every day," he added.

Sasil De León, representative of the Social Encounter Party, said that his actions are aimed at supporting the administration to a fourth transformation & # 39;

He indicated that the ideals of the party are aligned with each other to put an end to the privileges for what should be initiated with the abolition of law of legislators into "political equality with the rest of the citizens" to be.

He said that a political reform will be proposed for the removal of paper and the management of an electronic vote for electoral processes which, in addition to representing economic and environmental savings in the costs of election day, will be a way to counter bad counts as a result of avoid mistakes man.

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