The minor disappears in Puebla, a woman would have taken her

Texmelucan, Puebla.- Parents of a minor They are desperate because they do not know where their daughter is. They think a woman might have taken her after seeing her this Friday at the bus station around 8 pm.

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The young woman, Leidy Belem Ramírez Ávila, lives in the community of El Moral, belonging to the municipality of San Martín Texmelucan.

Their search has been identified in social networks and the family has already gone to the House of Justice, which is in Santa Catarina Hueyatzacoalco to file the complaint, but in collecting the request to go legally, they realized that the birth certificate was not found LeidySo they think the suspect could have caught it.

The woman is only known to originate from Pachuca, Hidalgo.

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