The NAIM and the environmental impact, in Public Agenda

Specialists analyze the environmental impact of the NAIM project (New Mexico International Airport), at the table of the public agenda, with Mario Campos.

The architect Gabriela Crespo Tenorio; Edmundo Barrera, technical director of La Salle and airport specialist; Mario Herrera Moro, chairman of the technical committee of the College of Geological Engineers of Mexico and Fernando Cordova Tapia, doctor of ecology, debated the options for the construction of the new airport.

Edmundo Barrera said that a project with the dimensions of the NAIM "will always raise controversy, provoke more factors than others, and cause the discussion to explode because of its complexity". He defended that it is a project that takes many years of work, "before it was announced."

The new airport, on the table of the public agenda

Gabriela Crespo pointed out that the NAIM is "one of the largest projects in the world". He stressed that "it is in a strategic position and thinks it can be a communication hub with Europe and Latin America." He noted that in Texcoco "the works progress as if there is no debate, because it is a good project, which suits us well because it puts us at the forefront of the spear".

Fernando Cordova Tapia said that "there is an ecological disaster as we can not imagine, this is a city in crisis and the only area to reverse fundamental problems was Texcoco and to make a project in that heart of the basin brings us into a difficult situation. "He pointed out that" the rivers are also being built for supply and irrigation and it would be wise to ask people if they know and what they think about diverting the water from their crops to the airport. " He ventured that the Texcoco project "will fail now, with 20 percent or when it's 100 percent."

Mario Herrera Moro pointed out that the NAIM in Texcoco poses technical challenges and requires all technical specialties; He acknowledged that the type of soil in the area chosen for the airport has a problem with regard to the type of soil, but "these are overwhelming challenges because we see it with the building processes", although he admitted: "geological studies should be deepened ".

Specialists analyze the options for the new airport, in Si Me Dicen No Vengo

Cordova insisted that "in environmental matters, Santa Lucia does not have such a big impact, from an ecological point of view, in Texcoco compensation is impossible; One thing we know is that Lake Nabor Carrillo is emptied, because if it is in a lagoon with black water will change, it will die. "And then:" where do we put a thousand-hectare lake? "

Gabriela Crespo recalled that "before the planning was completed no one had turned to Texcoco", in addition to the current project "has remediation of these problems, sanitation, also plumbing sanitation, development is not just for the airport, but for the area. "

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Barrera pointed out that "in terms of environmental impact, for the Santa Lucia, Miter project, it has clear conclusions" that include the acoustic impact on the surrounding population.

Herrera Moro pointed out that the "soil condition in Texcoco is vulnerable, because of the differential subsidence, because we have an abundant concentration of organic matter", but said that "it can be saved from a geological point of view."

Is the NAIM project feasible according to engineering?

Barrera said that "the floor of the Texcoco airport is better than that of the current airport, because every year we have to level the slopes, we have floods that jeopardize the operation". He stressed that projects at sea were built with the latest technology to level runways and pointed out that the "failure at Berlin airport, not because of the design, but because it does not meet a standard for fire mitigation" .

Crespo Tenorio said that Mexico City sinks "because we were building on what was a lake, it all sinks", so "the airport has a sinking factor, but it has been calculated." We must trust the design team that worked at this airport, this design brings experiences and we do not want Berlin airport to happen. "

Cordova corrected that Berlin's airport "is not only late, but does not start because the problem that has arisen can not be resolved and the maintenance it entails is more expensive to solve than to redesign it. there is no way to estimate the maintenance leading to the Texcoco project because there is no reference. "He criticized that" the engineers' opinion is not signed by someone who is responsible if it is a failure document ".

Barrera pointed out that the Texcoco project is an opportunity that could benefit 11 municipalities in the state of Mexico and three delegations in Mexico City. "The impact on money lies in those who work as waiters, in drivers, in the possibilities to offer these people work."

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According to Herrera Moro, "If we create decent jobs, it is something that should be taken into account, regardless of the ecological problems," but insisted that "differential subsidence needs to be addressed".

Gabriela Crespo pointed out that the Texcoco project "clearly takes into account the development of the area, it will help regulate countries around it, it will bring great benefits, they do not think differently from setting up an airport, they also think to the social part ".

"Well, ask them if they want the jobs, and if they like it to cover the rivers," Cordova said. He explained that "the city lives in a sponge with water, we get twice as much water as we infiltrate, but we are flooded with five minutes of rain, so we try to get the water out of the pool and ask for more flooding. we have more infrastructure ".

In addition, he emphasized: "Lake Nabor Carrillo was created as a project and was successful, it became the main bird attractor and an airport can be no less than 8 kilometers away from a body that brings birds, the logic is to draw water, but we dry the hope of solving sinking problems and flooding. "

Barrera and Crespo pointed out that the Texcoco project "considers the construction of 24 regulatory vessels to solve the problem, let us wait and demand engineering and architectural projects in relation to the binomial proposal, we can see the hard data , not expectations, "but asked" to assess what it means to have spent 100 thousand pesos plus 22 thousand pesos that would last for 18 years to write off. "

Herrera Moro asked to consider that "it is necessary to carry out very important and important studies." There is a geological risk if the observations are not taken into account to improve the soil. "If we do not have safe ground on which the airport can operate, we need to improve the soil. "

Cordova said that "in the field of the environment, we are talking about an ecocide, the destruction of an area that endangers the lives of people, and if you do not put the environmental part on the table, nobody thinks about it, I would ask them to Airport when the water runs out, or there is an unforeseen event, when people die with five minutes of rain in Chimalhuacán. & # 39;

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