The neighbors of Capultitlan, Toluca, celebrate pothole birthdays

August 22, 2018

According to the neighbors' complaint, bumps have been found in the main roads that connect with this delegation.

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Neighbors of the Capultitln delegation, Toluca, organized themselves to sing "Las maanitas" to a pothole that they reported only a year ago.

According to the Quadratn report, the neighbors decided to carry out this action as a protest by the authorities' desinters, because at some point the damage had been remedied, but again the pit was generated.

"They've been here all the time, they've come to shoot him and it's coming out again, it's a sad thing to see my community and it's not the only one, I ask them to walk the streets here in Capultitlan repair, "he said. interview one of the neighbors.

According to the neighbors' complaint, there are gaps in the main roads connected with this delegation, such as Adolfo Lopez Mateos, Libertad, Independencia, Jurez, Antonio Bernal, Reforma and Avenida 5 de Febrero.

With information from Quadratn

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