The number of executors this year stands at 350 in Quintana Roo

"Red Tuesday": kill 8 people

CANCUN – Cancun experienced a "red Tuesday" when eight people were reported dead in extremely violent circumstances and this year reached a provisional 350.

From the first minute of the day, emergency services and medical services, as well as researchers from the attorney general's office and the municipal police, have attended several reports of finding different bodies, some of which were wrapped in bags, beheaded or even shot of grace, in different parts of the city.

Just an hour passed on Tuesday, the emergency number 911 attended reports of the discovery of human bodies in three different regions of Cancun.

More cases

In the morning, the movement that lasted all day continued until at least five different studies were added.

In region 206, the authorities investigated the discovery of a black bag with human remains and at least three casquillos. A few minutes later, emergency number 911 received the discovery of human remains in the trunk of a taxi parked in a commercial square, Region 251, near the Arco Norte.

The car was identified with the economic number 4339 of the taxi drivers' association Andrés Quintana Roo. He went to the Forensic Medical Service for analysis. In a provisional way it was reported that there were two bodies.

Later, in the Villas Otoch subdivision, between the avenues of Leona Vicario and Arco Norte, the discovery of an inanimate body with handcuffs was reported. The Public Prosecution Service is responsible for investigating the joint jurisdiction of crimes against life and personal health.

The first investigations report that in the place where they were found two bodies of apparently caliber 9 millimeters, that the body shows two wounds with characteristics by a projectile of a firearm in the right part of the head.

Hours later, minutes before 7 am, the finding of two other bodies was confirmed in five black bags thrown on Rancho Viejo Avenue, in region 236.


In another issue, Santiago "N" and Andrés "N" were linked to the process of extortion, in violation of a fish restaurant in the 221 region of Cancun.

It was said that the defendants were arrested in flagrant delicto outside the institution on 13 August. – Agencia Infoqroo

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