The office of the state attorney examines the execution in Tlalpan; another man was injured

MEXICO CITY (APR) .- The Attorney General is looking for those responsible for the death of a 29-year-old man and the injuries of another, of 26, attacked with bullet wounds aboard a Ford Escape truck, in the streets of the Tlalpan delegation.

Preliminary reports indicate that prevention officers were warned at about 15.15 hours that two people were injured in a vehicle at the corner of Hidalgo and Morelia streets, Pueblo de Santa Úrsula Coapa.

The police elements, after going to the place, requested the support of paramedics to transfer the victims to a hospital; however, one of them had already died, the agency said in a statement.

For this reason, the MP of the decentralized research bureau in Coyoacán filed a case for the crime of murder as a result of the shooting of a firearm.

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