The PAN is played in life

CDMX.- This week the National Action Party start a process in which life is played after the deep crisis in which he went after of losing the last election.

They tell us that next Wednesday the National organizing committee for the election of the PANwill make the call for the renewal of national leadershipwith which it starts the internal election battle.

After the applicants have been published, they must get the job collect the signatures of 10% of the militancy, throughout the country, corresponding to almost 28 thousand headings, for get the candidacy.

So far of all those who raised their hands, only three will be certain, Former senator Hector Larios, the former coordinator, Marko Cortés, and Manuel Gómez Moringrandson of founder of National Action.

They show us that there is a lot little chance of an agreement between the aspirants so there is a unit president, so if the fight escalates the panista & # 39; s fear that the party is injured of death and unable to be the opponent would correspond to the country's second political power.

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