The PAN still does not know the names of his coordinators in the rooms of senators and deputies

The national president of the PAN, Damián Zepeda, said that the appointment of the parliamentary coordinators will take place until the plenary meetings of both the senators and the deputies have been completed, so it is likely that they will not be this week.

Zepeda Vidales confirmed that his participation in the plenary session is the party chairman and not as a chosen senatorHe will also apply for a permit before he takes the protest as a senator.

"I am a leader, we are in dialogue to define the coordinators, we will talk to the legislators one by one, it is not the intention that the coordinators are defined during the plenary sessions, but at this moment I would not Request permission ", he said.

In an interview the leader of the national action added that in case there was a definition of coordination, since in politics everything is possible, it will be announced at that time,

"today in plenary it is the intention that they integrate the parliamentary factions and pass the plenary meetings that we could define".

The former deputy of Miguel Hidalgo, Xóchitl Gálvez, attended the plenary session, as a member of the bank of Blue and Whites.

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