The PAN stops working for other parties: Micalco-IntoleranciaDiario

He indicated that the above proves once again that Rafael Moreno Valle is in decline.

The state coordinator of the Marko Cortés Mendoza campaign to the national leader of Panama, Rafael Micalco Méndez, assured that the political institute will stop working for other parties and strengthen inside to restore the lost spaces with alliances that were useless in the past electoral processes.

He pointed out that there are currently people who criticize Ricardo Anaya, or Damián Zepeda Vidales, but during the past election process they supported those parties such as the Democratic Revolution and Movimiento Ciudadano to maintain their national register, and in the case of Puebla supporting state parties.

He said his appointment as state coordinator will be made official as soon as it is issued, between Wednesday and Thursday, the call of the National Commission, and will work with panistas throughout the state for the inconvenience that has existed since in the past were the spaces that Agreed with them, given to militants from other political parties, despite having a political job.

Micalco Méndez, who was twice the leader of the PAN, said he already has the support of the Guanajuato Governor, Miguel Márquez Márquez, who achieved an important victory in his state by only working with National Action activists.

He warned that what happened in Puebla is a reflection of the excesses of the group in power and despite the fact that it is a state government, despite the majority in Congress, many municipalities in the last elections, about hundred and reduced to forty, there was a defeat in the state, not just the election, but also the perception of the citizen.

He pointed out that what was being done on the day of the elections made the party stop very badly, especially because it was being conducted in an arbitrary manner.

He insisted that the results contrast with Guanajuato with a good candidate and they see the two examples of elections and in the case of Puebla much has been lost both in election results and in the image of the party and the election to governor still has are determined. very questioned

Diego Sinhué Ridríguez received 49 percent of the votes in Guanajuato, the National Action Party won the majority of the municipalities, but above all the unity remained around the PAN.

He pointed out that there is also the support of Veracruz's panismo, being the registers of the largest militants in the country.

It indicated that the above confirms again that Rafael Moreno Valley is in decadence after adding three defeats in a row, the first not to be a candidate for the presidency of the republic, the second not as a coordinator of the bank of the party National action, and the third to be satisfied with candidate member for the general secretariat of PAN when he was looking for the presidency.

He said that the next step after winning the national presidency will be with Marko Cortés to restore Puebla, either through an election or by appointment.

He explained that the starting point of the new leadership is to stop serving parties and support the true militancy that was excluded from decision-making.

Legal participation

Asked about the alleged disqualification of three years he has, he reminded that Pablo Rodríguez Regordosa himself has renewed this year a letter with rights to save, therefore it can be within an internal process.

Micalco Méndez clarified that the determination of the party chaired by Luis Felipe Bravo Mena is not definitive, since the National Council Order Committee is being asked to continue the process, which, he said, is still open and disputed before the Court election.

He insisted that he be sought to eliminate him from the election battle of the last trial, but it has been shown that the accusations made are incorrect and that no costs have been incurred for acquiring land for the construction of the municipal committees. .

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