The plane crash at Aeromexico in Durango was caused by the weather: Civil Aeronautics

The air crash AM 2431 from Aeroméxicowho traveled to Durango of course Mexico Citywas caused by a microburst that hit the plane, said the director of accident and aviation accident analysis Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGAC), José Armando Constantino Tercero.

On July 31, the plane Embraer ERJ 190 He collapsed while performing maneuvers to take off; the 103 passengers, 4 of them members of the crew, had to evacuate the aircraft.

"There is no evidence that the engines have had a mechanical or technical problem, the actual speed of the air indicates that there were a lot of fluctuations, indicating that there was an external factor." The external factor is the microburst, the probable causal factor (of the accident) was the result of meteorological causes, "Constantino stated during a press conference.

The head of the analysis of accidents and incidents of aviation from the DGAC assured that there is no evidence that the accident was caused by human failures.

"There are no human failures in the behavior of the plane, there is no evidence of mechanical failure and there was no information so the crew could decide not to take off," he said.

To investigate causes of the accident, the Secretariat of Communication and Transport (SCT) ordered the integration of the Commission of Inquiry and the Accident Judge of Aviation Accidents, with representatives from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC), the professional associations of the industry, as well as the representatives of the manufacturer Embraer. .

In another aspect, Constantino, who chairs the committee investigating the accident by the civil aviation authority, reported that a pilot in training took the position of the co-pilot while the aircraft started at the start.

"A crew member carried out the duties of co-pilot with the guidance of the commander, until he asked for the ministry," Constantino stated.

On the other hand Arturo Roberto Duhart, director of operational safety at Aeromexico, said that all passengers and crew have already been discharged.

After the plane crash, 16 American passengers filed individual lawsuits against the Mexican airline on the A 2431 flight from Aeromexico, Patrick Murphy, partner of the law firm Corboy & Demetrio, based in Chicago, United States.

In an interview for The financialMurphy said in early August that American citizens want to know why the plane left, why it did not reach the speed and height of take-off and why it collapsed.

"We discovered that everyone (the passengers) was terrified when the plane tried to take off, hit the runway and eventually crashed to the ground, the hull started to burn, the cockpit full of black smoke, so that people could not see his hands in front of his face, it was difficult to breathe, "he said.

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