The plane falls at Ciudad Juárez airport; the pilot is unharmed

MEXICO CITY (AP) – A small plane collapsed at the Abraham González International Airport in Chuddo, Ciudad Juárez, on Tuesday when it landed.

Although the ship was virtually destroyed, pilot Javier Silva Guerra escaped unharmed, although he was taken to hospital for a thorough medical check.

According to the coordination of the state of Chihuahua, Silva was the only crew member of the ship with XB-LYK license plate.

Prior to the crash, the pilot reported to the control tower of the air terminal a mechanical failure, which prevented the natural descent, so he had to maneuver to land at an emergency harbor, near a residential area.

Students from Aurora Reyes Elementary, located between the streets Aviación, Aeromoza and Hélice, witnessed the collapse of the plane from the capital.

"There was a very loud blow and then a lot of noise like rods," said a student who left the campus at 12:45.

A neighbor of the street Turbina and that it is in a house of two plants, observed the collapse of the ship next to her husband and children.

"My husband immediately called 911, we could see the pilot who complained of pain in the hip and left leg," the neighbor told El Diario de Juárez.

Another resident of the subdivision Jardines del Aeropuerto said she was napping when she was awakened by the sound of the plane. Both mothers noticed that their lives are taking place around the flight schedule & # 39; s and in the years they have lived in the sector, this is the first plane crash they observe.

The school closed after the parents picked up the children from the campus.

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