The police assured the girl that she & # 39; forgotten & # 39; were in kindergarten

It was the director of the Magisterial Solidarity Campus, who named the emergency numbers after they had not picked up a 4-year-old girl.

The teacher indicated that the child's departure was at 12:10 and it was 13:40 and still did not pass by the child, unable to establish communication with relatives, decided to call the police.

The officers initially went to the little girl's house without anyone coming to them, so they took her to the Unit for attention for children, girls and adolescents in the city center.

Later they managed to communicate with the mother who indicated that she was at work and the person in charge let the girl pick up, even though she was not present and it was described above.

It is worth mentioning that this situation was treated as a disappearance via social networks, which was incorrect.

In this connection, Liliana Herrera, Head of the Department of Victim Care, to which the UNNA depends, called on the parents to be more careful with the minors and requested the presence of children only in the public highway.

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