The PRI calls for the choice of the new national leader

CITY OF MEXICO ( .- In the midst of internal disagreements between some groups and characters, the current provisional leadership of the PRI announced a call to the National Political Council to meet next Tuesday, and to choose his new national leader who finishes the period that Manlio Fabio Beltrones started from 2015 to 2019.

After the historic defeat on 1 July, the current leader Claudia Ruiz Massieu published the call for the session of the governing body on Tuesday following from 19 o'clock

The continuity of Ruiz Massieu at the head of the PRI presidency, which he assumed a month ago, is outlined. She is the fourth leader of the party in these four years in which they have asked for 15 elections since 2016.

The convocation considers the method of open elections which will be decided by secret ballot, the name of the new president in case of registration of more than one candidate for the position, but if there is only one candidate, he would submit to his election by an economic vote.

According to this call, from the registration onwards, the PRI is expected to be a new manager in three days.

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