The PRI changes its legislative agenda: it gives priority to social justice and the defense of vulnerable sectors

MEXICO CITY (APR) .- The PRI block, in San Lazaro and the Senate for the next 64 lawmakers, committed to promoting laws and agreements that will have as a priority axis social justice and defending the interests of most vulnerable and marginalized in the country.

In contrast to six years ago, when the PRI legislators focused on adopting the reforms in the fields of energy, education, labor, finance and communication, today they have focused their attention on promoting an eminent social agenda.

After working for two days at the national headquarters of the PRI, the legislators agreed to promote an agenda that is close to society, to take on the role of a firm, critical, vigilant and constructive opposition, said the party leadership in a statement.

The PRI legislative representation stipulated that, with the future government, "it will have full agreement on those issues that will benefit Mexico, but there will also be opposition, with the power of reason and argument, when it is intended to to promote that affect the country. "

In brief, statements at the end of the work at the headquarters of the party, the next coordinator of the deputies, René Juárez Cisneros, mentioned 12 actions that will be priorities within the legislative agenda, including:

Promoting an agenda for social justice, including the promotion of the universal pension, unemployment insurance, equitable remuneration and protection of children and the elderly, as well as the revision of VAT and Income, to promote investment and employment.

He also said that work will be done to defend the right of Mexicans to live in peace and security; the frontal battle for transparency and accountability; the defense of federalism and the national pact; a budget that promotes development and stability, as well as the promotion of economic policies that promote development.

He also added that they will promote actions for quality education; an integral reform of the field; the recognition of the social rights of young people; the protection of the environment and the impetus for a political reform that guarantees the legal regime.

Meanwhile, the PRI Senator Coordinator, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, presented seven points that will be a priority for legislative work: the defense of federalism, the protection of the family and the national economy, the attention to environmental problems and the change in climate change. , security, empowerment and economic inclusion of women, the worldwide projection of Mexico and a determined impetus to the anti-corruption agenda.

"We are clear about the sense of citizenship that requires a congruent and honest behavior from its representatives, that ethics and honesty have to go from letter to practice", the former Minister of Home Affairs admitted.

Accompanied by the leader of the party, said Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas, Osorio Chong: "It is important to strengthen the Mexican state in terms of security, especially local institutions to prevent the criminal activities that hurt families so much and punishment, Mexican. "

In the work of the Plenary Assemblies of the Parliamentary Groups of the PRI in the 64th Legislature, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, Secretary of the Interior, participated; Arely Gómez González, head of the public service; José Antonio González Anaya, Minister of Finance and Public Credit; Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, responsible for economics, as well as specialists and academics on issues of the national agenda.

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