The Puebla Congress appoints the PRD leader as judge of the Supreme Court

PUEBLA, Pue. (apro) .- By majority, the Congress of Puebla approved the appointment as judge of the Supreme Court of the State, Jorge Benito Cruz Bermúdez, who still appears as head of state of the PRD.

On the proposal of the governor, Antonio Gali Fayad, the appointment of Cruz Bermúdez was completed, who, during the presidency of Rafael Moreno Valle, was in charge of the secretaries general of government and public education.

In the last election battle the PRD leader was one of the spokespersons for the campaign of Martha Erika Alonso, governor elected by the coalition PAN, PRD, MC, Commitment to Puebla and Integration Social Pact.

Socorro Quezada assured himself that Cruz Bermúdez did not meet the requirements of the law to be a magistrate and that her appointment was only due to a "payment of favors" for her services to the Morenovallista group in the recent elections.

Lawmaker Julián Peña warned that Cruz Bermúdez's clear ties with the group in the government did not guarantee the independence and impartiality required by the justice system in Puebla.

Until last Thursday there was no official dismissal of the heads of state of the PRD of the now magistrate.

For the session in which his appointment was to be defined, obstacles were put on the street that had access to the local Congress, after a day earlier the elected representatives of the coalition Together We Will Do History appeared in the tribune of the legislative building and demonstrated against the appointment from Cruz Bermúdez.

Cryingly, the elected representatives accused this designation of representing a "payment of invoices" from Moreno Valle to the PRD leader for helping the electoral victory of his wife Martha Erika Alonso.

The Anti-Re-electoral Movement Organization has announced that its legal team will take legal action to "break down" the appointment of magistrates proposed by Governor Antonio Gali in recent days and who do not meet the requirements to serve as magistrates .

Before 14 September, when the new state legislator is in place – in which a majority of legislators from the coalition coalition will come to joint efforts – the appointment of magistrates has been implemented urgently.

On July 24, the Congress approved appointments as members of the STJE of José Montiel Rodríguez, former Secretary of Legal Affairs of the General Secretariat of the Government (SGG) in the presidency of Moreno Valle, as well as Ignacio Galván Centeno, husband of the current Secretary of Health, Arely Sánchez.

At the end of July, Puebla legislators approved the proposals of Gali Fayad for magistrates of the Administrative Tribunal, the central body of the State Anti-Corruption System. So Gilberto Suárez Machado and María Esther Torreblanca Cortés took the protest.

The former served as legal secretary of the Ministry of Finance on the Moreno Valle board and obtained the "fiat" for a public notary in the judicial district of Tepeaca at the end of the last six years. Torreblanca Cortés had served as a manager in the town hall of Puebla until a few days earlier.

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