The relative of Javier Duarte receives an order

They stop an order to arrest Cecil Duarte de Ochoa

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) .- A federal judge stopped carrying out a possible arrest warrant against Cecil Duarte de Ochoa, the brother of the former governor of Veracruz Javier Duarte.

According to the court, the brother of the exmandatario challenged the court of Amparo for criminal cases in Mexico City, the federal protection against an arrest warrant, arraigo or accusation.

The judge granted him the provisional suspension and asked the responsible authorities, including judges of the State of Veracruz, the reports in which they indicated the crime attributed to the complainant, the penalties for which it is provided, if it is culpable or deliberate and whether it is already then do not deserve informal preventive detention.

He also had to mention the amount of damage caused by the crime attributed to him, the economic benefit, the estimated compensation, the economic situation of Duarte de Ochoa and whether there is a possibility that he will be dismissed.

"Cecil Duarte de Ochoa is granted temporary suspension with the aim of keeping things in the state they are currently in, that is, the act of perceived nuisance is not carried out," said the judge.


In the case of the arraigo measure he argued, the court also clarified that if it was issued as a result of an organized crime investigation, only the suspension would be effective in the sense that the complainant would be available to the court of amparo. in the place where it is rotted.

To maintain the suspension, Duarte's brother must give a guarantee of 26,000 500 pesos, if he fails to do so within three days, he will be left without the measure that protects him from arrest.

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