The revival of master, Gordillo tries to restore power

Mexico.- Five-year-old prisoner accused of organized crime and money laundering, exlider magisterial Elba Esther Gordillo He returns with power and the desire to restore his influence from the olden days after being acquitted of all charges in early August.

Gordillo "What he wants is to recover the political costs and pass them on to the current government," said Khemvirg Puente, coordinator of the Center for Political Studies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), today at Efe.

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This August 20, in which it was her first public appearance after her release, the unionist, aged 73, returned to the public sphere with everything and wrapped up by her people, who did not stop applauding her.

Here they have the image that has dominated my person for more than five years and is the product of political persecution, of intimidation and injustice, he said in a theatrical tone.

Behind him, an image was projected behind the bars of the leader of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) prisoner, her face swollen and without make-up.

He attacked the current government of Enrique Peña Nieto for a "perverse orchestration & # 39; against him, who bought the media.

But "Today this warrior has peace", the woman continued, accused of donating 2,600 million pesos (about $ 137 million) to union funds for personal gain.

He then celebrated the & # 39; collapse & # 39; of the educational reform that was approved during the Peña Nieto government and tacitly supported the future President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

"The people and we all have to live this new phase in Mexico's history," he said to the next president. And in a style that closely resembles the leftist leader, asked to work without resentment for the past & # 39 ;.

He also criticized the current leadership of SNTE, which would have led to the "self-destruction" of one of the largest trade unions in Latin America with nearly two million members.

For Puente, Gordillo's strategy is to establish himself as a "martyr" of the government of Peña Nieto – who leaves his office on the ground – and then, little by little, loom up as another relevant political figure.

The victory of López Obrador means Elba Esther has an opportunity to reinvent herself and restore the ability to influence, said the analyst.

López Obrador – who shares with Gordillo his opposition to educational reform – assured that the ex-leader of the union will not be part of his government. However, the rumors have been triggered.

"With which López Obrador will participate Elba Esther? ", Political analyst Salvador García Soto was asked this Thursday in his column in the newspaper El Universal.

García Soto found in the text that the leftists and his team could support Gordillo to "check" the teachers, but warned of the dangers for the politician to "return the owner and mistress of education in Mexico" to the SNTE .

Villana for some, heroine for others, the reality is that the leader has no great support among the citizens.

It is clear to the general population that she was in any case not responsible for her passage as president of the SNTE, said Puente.

In his first public act in years, this clash of opinions became very clear.

The room was filled with teachers, mostly retired. And at least one hundred supporters stayed outside the room where he delivered the speech. When the authentic & # 39; hooligan & # 39; the space penetrated with slogans and cracked support.

"He maintains a base of support that has cost him a lot of money to build, and guaranteed loyalty over time, for example, he helped improve the income of some of his followers", Bridge pointed.

A dozen Protestants gathered outside the hotel with signs demanding that the ex-union leader be re-imprisoned. "Your place is a prison sentence" or "You have stolen the teachers", you might read.

The repositioning of the media is even more obvious when an official page on Facebook was recently opened, entitled "La Maestra", which was published by the press team.

But regaining the union will not be easy, because it does not meet the requirements of the SNTE statutes to be president, said Puente, who does not consider "the short term" the final rebirth of the ex-liteur feasible.

But everything indicates that she does not stop her efforts. According to Puente, his goal is "to influence national politics, and in order to achieve this he must take control of the union, if he does not achieve this first task, he will only be someone who has statements in the media."

"I will make my freedom aware that my loyalty and my place has always been and will be the side of the teachers of Mexico, and of the defense of public education", Gordillo underlined at the end of his speech.

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