The sobriety of AMLO to control the dissidence of powers

The policy of severity budget announced by the chosen head of the federal executive power has become a decision authoritarian that not only invades the autonomy powers of other autonomous powers, but also implies a mechanism of check politician.

In political science there is a blunt confirmation: who has the money has the power that manages the money controls the power The announcements of budget cuts on organisms autonomous and the salary policy of the head of the federal executive power goes to invade spaces for defining the counterweight function of other forces.

The president of the republic can pay the salary policy to be Competence range: the central administration. but no There is no political basis for the salary of the President of the Republic as the stop for officials of others powers that determine their functioning, not only in a independent from the president of the republic, but from the executive.

The presidential imposition of low wages to members of others powers is one invasion of this. The presidential duties are different to the ministers of the Court, legislators, governors and others, especially since they were elected from the scope of the government. The president of the republic can earn a lot less of the 108 thousand pesos per month announced because all his expenses go to the presidential office; so that is possible save I integrate your salary because cars, petrol and helpers no he pays them out of his bag.

In that sense, expenditure budgets are mechanisms of check politician of legislators, ministers of the court, governors, mayors. It is an exercise of paternalism authoritarian. At the end of the day are the spending needs different in the different levels of civil servants.

In the past, the growing cost of public offices from of the central administrative area was a form of political control because of that money I bought loyalty and in many ways limited critical exercise. López Obrador comes in with the popular vote, but with the vote bureaucratic against. That is why the fiscal policy approved by the federal government goes to weaken the balance of forces.

What is still to be seen is the space of autonomy that the delegates will have at the time of approve The expenses budget of the federation where new expenditure and salary policy will be included. As the majority of Morena submits for the minority of 46 percent from the opposition legislators, the debate could concentrate on the invasion authoritarian for the executive power in the internal life of other autonomous powers and organisms.

The president of the republic can suggestbut do not impose it. Only in the presidential dictatorships – populist, communist and violence – can the executive power repair criteria for other autonomous competences.

That is why the pay and expenditure policy will be the first test of fire from the Lopezobradorista government when discussing the spending budget. In a democracy the executive authority allocates expenditure, but leaves autonomy total to the agencies to define their distribution and exercise.

The authoritarian paternalism of expenses will determine Mexican democracy in the López Obrador era. And in the spending budget you see the wrong of society when they vote for the delivery of the executive power and the legislature to a person and to a party. The divided governments appealed balance of the agreements. The presidential voluntarism that comes can return to the fashion model PRIIST of political control by money.


Policy for dummies: Politics, we have to repeat, is a mirror game.

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  • The return of the leader of the mine Napoleón Gómez Urrutia to Mexico via the Legislative door will be the note of the week. And it will cause an active reorganization of the mining union, although without fears, because López Obrador had already agreed with the entrepreneurs in the sector.
  • The battle for the power chambers in the three chambers – Senado, deputies and CDMX – will show a rearrangement in the power structure of López Obrador. And it will divide Morena into tribes.
  • Famous last words: "Union leaders will not be removed or attracted", Luisa María Mayor, designated Minister of Labor of the Government of López Obrador.

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