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Mexico City- President Enrique Peña Nieto acknowledged that his government has left hanging issues.

Compared to the sixth government report, the current government began broadcasting a series of spots.

Peña Nieto indicated in the first of them that in terms of employment the inequality between the Mexican southeast and the center or north of the country has not yet been closed.

"For a government, the biggest challenge is to ensure the quality of life for its society and to ensure that new generations, regardless of where they live, have access to the same rights and opportunities, that those living in Chiapas or Oaxaca have the same rights. jobs for growth and personal development, than those living in Mexico City, those who live in Jalisco, in the north of the country ".

"And this is a task that has not yet been exhausted, nor fully, but without doubt the foundations that have been given will give preference to closing these gaps in inequality," he said in his message.

Without mentioning them on the spot, Peña reported other current cases, but he pointed out that Mexico is better than six years ago.

"Although I have to admit that there are issues where the efforts made were not enough or did not reach the set goals, I also leave with the satisfaction that the Mexico we deliver today is undoubtedly better than the Mexico we had six years ago. , "he said.

In the field of safety, Peña's management did not go well.

For example, the month of July last broke the monthly record of intentional murders.

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