There is a crisis in Mexico, but I will fulfill my obligations: AMLO

It offers "apology and love and peace" to those who have not shared their expression of "bankruptcy". "I have my data, who does not see reality?"

The elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, claimed that Mexico is going through a crisis; This will not, however, be an obstacle to meeting the commitments made during the election campaign.

In an interview he said: "so that there is no manipulation, that is clear, that it is heard well and that it is heard loudly: I will keep all the promises we have made in the campaign, I will not fail the people in Mexico . "

In this sense, López Obrador stated that "there is a crisis in Mexico and that there is a lot of poverty, a lot of abandonment, a lot of insecurity, a lot of violence and that neoliberal economic policy has been a failure, and we will change it".

In this connection he said that those who did not share their statements about the situation of the national economy: "I offer you an apology and love and peace." He reiterated, however, that he will fulfill all his obligations: "nothing more than yes I want to know the starting point".

"They have made a statement that they did not like the word, the concept, the bankruptcy term, I have my data, who does not see reality? We have not had economic growth for 30 years. [el presidente] Fox so far, it grew from 1.7 trillion to 10 trillion. Poverty, violence grew. I do not want to talk about what happened yesterday or early, or the new painful discovery for Mexicans, that is the one who finds people in hiding, all the suffering of the victims. So what, neoliberalism has been very good, should we applaud him? & # 39;

In this connection he asked: "Why do not they accept that the neoliberal policy was a failure? That it only benefited a small minority, the majority of the people impoverished, produced uncertainty, violence, why it does not accept, why not? ? recognize it. "

"I'm not saying you should ask for forgiveness," he added, "but to have self-criticism and to accept: some media have been applauding and silencing, obeying, and silencing during these 30 years."

The elected president said: "I have sought reconciliation and I will continue to do so because it fits the country, but there are people who do not want our project of transformation to be consolidated, so it is conservatism, that is why it is reaction ".

He remembered that he was striving to govern everyone, so "the government would not be in the service of a minority: that is the change, therefore there is no crisis", besides that the private initiative helps a lot and "they will continue to help us ".


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