There is no indication whatsoever that the AMLO is a progressive government: EZLN

TUXTLA GUTIÉRREZ, Chis. (Good) .- Subcommandante Galeano admitted that he had mistakenly noted that there would be fraud in the July 1 elections, but he stressed that the system chose from the four candidates to be presented as more efficient, "because there is no There are no indications that it is a progressive government. & # 39;

"And it is that the proofs of love that Mr. López Obrador gave, or that this gentleman gives, for the big capital, that is, for the finquero, include the delivery of the territories of the original peoples. for the southeast (…) are in reality projects of expropriation, "he said today in the second installment of his missive 300.

According to Galeano, those who believed that this would be the "true" change are wrong because there is no "hitherto" (no one can be called deceitful) that says it is a progressive government, no. "

The main projects of López Obrador, he added, "are going to destroy the territories of the original peoples: the million hectares in the Lacandona, the Mayan train, or the corridor of the isthmus they want to make, among other things".

The subcommandant of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) said that the latest federal elections have hidden reality for a moment: the economic crisis, social breakdown (with its long flow of feminicides) and consolidation (despite the assumptions "deadly blows" to the narco "of the parallel States (or overlapping with the National) of the so-called" organized crime ".

Although he persisted for a short time, the murders, kidnappings and disappearances of women of all ages came second. And the same thing happened with the high costs and unemployment. But when the enthusiasm for the election result fades, reality says again: "Here I am, my voice is gone … and my scythe".

In his public letter Galeano admitted that he was wrong when he said before the elections that there would be electoral fraud, although that was the case, but in another sense he emphasized.

"We had predicted that López Obrador would win, but that the system would cut the victory with cheating, and we were thinking about what the system options were after that fraud." According to our analysis, they were not worried about a scandal because they were the White House, Ayotzinapa, the Master Scam, the corruption in the governments of the states had already passed, and then in the case of a fraud scandal, an Enrique) Peña Nieto came or did not come in. We thought the dilemma of the system was to choose between (José Antonio) Meade and (Ricardo) Anaya, choose more equal, more effective for their plans, which of them would be a better foreman ".

The chance of long-term and radical resistance of the then candidate who would be deceived was minimal, so – he said – there would be no danger to the system, but there would be protests.

"It is the apology that I offer you, because we think we were delaying the broadcasting of the networks, because we thought there would be protests, blockades and so on, and if we invited them, they would get stuck everywhere, so it's phone call late, sorry.

"We, we, Zapatistas, always prepare ourselves for the worst, and if it happens we were prepared, and if not, we are prepared."

A few weeks after the elections, he added, they can now point out that they are not mistaken, that the system actually chose between the four candidates that it proposes to be more efficient.

He pointed out that they did not doubt that there were people who sincerely thought that the promised change, besides being cheap – you just had to cross a vote – would point to a real or "real" change.

And now "it must be a quarrel that, in the panorama above, the names of the criminals of the past are repeated, even if they have changed their color into cherry". The right-wing calling of the new government team can not be denied and his "intellectual" and social environment confirm his authoritarian tendency without flushing.

According to Galeano, they now see in Morena and López Obrador the desire to unite with the ruling class and with great capital, and there is no indication that it is a progressive government, he insisted.

"Their main projects are going to destroy the territories of the original peoples: the million acres in the Lacandona, the Mayan or the eagle belt they want to make, among other things.His frank empathy with the Donald Trump government is already a public confession. His "honeymoon" with entrepreneurs and major capitals is represented in the main posts of his Cabinet and in his plans for the IV transformation, "he said.

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