There is no longer any conflict with the governor-elect of Yucatan: "Huacho" Díaz

MERIDA, Yuc. (Approve) .- Joaquín Díaz Mena, who will serve the national coordinator of development programs in Yucatan, closed his personal conflict with the governor-elect Mauricio Vila Dosal, who accused him of being a "traitor" for leaving from the PAN and running as a candidate from Morena at the governorship.

In his first statements on the subject, Díaz assured after the triumph of Vila, "Huacho", that he did not live from his past and that he turned the page, because the election period is over and "we are going to work for Yucatán".

He emphasized: "History is not forgotten, there will always be, but very happy from the moment it plays live and we will do it with the best attitude and so I assume." The instruction is that we are employees of the President of the Republic and the People The (next) President of the Republic (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) has said that nobody should go: humility, prudence and above all provide resources ".

He also announced that last Monday he visited 20 Vila and met him to come to his disposal and to establish a healthy coordination for the well-being of the entity. And this Thursday they held a second meeting, in which Rogelio Jiménez Pons, future director of the National Fund for Tourist Promotion (Fonatur), was present.

The expansionist has ruled out that he will become deputy governor and, after he has guaranteed that he will respect the autonomy of the state government, he explained that the purpose of creating the figure of coordination is to make delegations disappear to make money. save in salaries. In this way, he added, at least 100 federal offices would be abolished.

He also said that four other regional coordinators were in charge of Yucatan, who will be in charge of Lydia Quiroz Zavala, Mariana Cruz Pool, Alejandra Novelo Segura and the departing mayor of Valladolid, Alpha Tavera Escalante, and an indigenous municipal coordinator will also be appointed. appointed.

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