There will be no confusion with the 20 pesos bill because it will no longer come into circulation and a 2000 bill will be introduced: Banxico

The family of new tickets that will circulate tomorrow with the new 500 pesos piece contains two changes: the denomination of 20 pesos will disappear, e input that of 2000 pesos.

According to the microsite of notes and coins, from the moment it is put into circulation, the smallest denomination is that of 50 pesos, which will represent the historical process of ancient Mexico, including rivers and lakes; and on the reverse side will have the foundation of the town of Tenochtitlán, and in the background Xochimilco and an image of the axolotl and corn

Although the card with a larger denomination, it will be that of 2000 pesos, which will be used for the first time. This denomination has as icons the representatives of contemporary Mexico and dry forests. It will have Octavio Paz and Rosario Castellanos at the front, and at the back in an agave landscape and old facilities of industrial Tequila, a bat magueyero and agaves.

The dates on which the issue of the whole family of tickets is spread are not yet public.

No confusion with the 20

From here, the 20 pesorota removes the circulation from the circulation and eliminates the risks of confusion for users when handling the piece compared to 500.

Although the piece of 500 pesos has the same portrait of Benito Juarez as that of 20 pesos, and also shares a blue color, he explains that the new bill is 2 centimeters longer. And it has clear differences in touch.

Several security reliefs indicating the nominal value of 500 pesos, a dynamic thread with three inscriptions with the "500" marking, which zooms in and out when moving the ticket, as well as watermarks.

He explains that the bill is made of cotton and that its production is one peso each more expensive than that of the previous family where Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo are on the front.

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