They are trying to expel PAN from Monterrey; they stop 7

Monterrey /

Felipe de Jesús Cantú was maltreated during an attempt expulsion from the encampment the National Action Party since yesterday maintains on the esplanade of the Municipal Palace of Monterrey .

During the early morning, the police tried to evict supporters of the elected mayor of Monterrey, which led to the arrest of seven people.

A short video shows how the chosen mayor is on the floor amidst a bunch of people demanding the arrest of a man.

Since yesterday, Felipe de Jesús Cantú and his supporters maintain a sit-in to protest against the decision of the Supreme Court of of the state of Nuevo León that the PRI won the victory gave in the mayor officials of Monterrey and of Guadalupe .

In his Facebook account, the mayor shared several videos on the esplanade of the city palace, where he assures that justice will be done.

"Here in the city palace, in this sit-in for dignity and democracy, we want justice to be done, but we also want to give a testimony (…) your vote and mine are valid, that's why justice is done, justice for everyone "said Cantu. "Tonight in the darkness when they leave us, we are now with mobile lighting, in the darkest moment the light of truth always shines, Courage, we are going to win because we are right! Justice will be done!" Cantu said while supporters of the PAN "Sí se puede!" Called.

The former PAN candidates Felipe de Jesús Cantú and Pedro Garza announced that they will combat the "theft" of the Albiazul victory in three ways: peaceful demonstrations, the corresponding challenge for the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF), as well as criminal complaints and expulsion proceedings against the judges of the local court and officials involved in the controversial decision.


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