They arrest a young woman; when they went down, they realized that he had taken his life in the patrol

Municipal police held a 21-year-old girl for alleged domestic violence.

When the police arrived at Cepol and was about to download the girl, they discovered that she had taken her life.

He used his laces to hang himself on a ventilation grate of the patrol in which he was driving.

This was around 6 o'clock in the morning of this Wednesday at an address in Barcelona Street in Colonia España.

Agents from the new group focus on gender violence, a male officer and a woman attending the report.

The Secretary of Public Security, Luis Enrique Ramírez Saldaña, said that 911 received two calls for domestic violence.

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The police arrived and confirmed the attacks on what arrested her.

They moved the 21-year-old Samantha Judith to the western delegation, but when they opened the post-office, they discovered that the young woman no longer had vital functions.

Cepol's doctor attended her and confirmed death.

Ramírez Saldaña said that everything was done according to the protocol and that they informed the public prosecutor.

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