They arrest the alleged murderer of cameraman in Cancun

The suspected person responsible for the murder Javier Rodríguez Valladares, camera operator of Channel 10, and of the person with whom he was in Supermanzana 29, was arrested Saturday in the city of Cancún.

At a press conference, the owner of the Attorney General of Quintana Roo, Miguel Ángel Pech, said that, on the basis of sufficient evidence and the testimony of several witnesses, last night had requested a control judges, the arrest warrant against Alfredo N, probably responsible for it double murder.

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the Control judge corresponding he appreciated the evidence and issued the arrest warrant this Saturday.

At 3.30 pm elements of the Ministerial Police, under the command of General David Enrique Velarde Siguenza – regularly appointed director of the corporation – supplemented the verdict in the neighborhood of Chac Mool and López Portillo.

"By analyzing criminal information and gathering evidence on the spot, it was possible to determine the network of events and links to identify the person currently responsible," said the prosecutor.

Alfredo "N" He was admitted to the prison in Cancún, after medical certification, and then put at the disposal of the judge who needs it, where the statement will be made before the relevant hearing.

For an explicit question, derived from the speed with which it was found probably responsible, Miguel Ángel Pech rejected that Alfredo "N" be a "scapegoat" Reduce the social dissatisfaction to his acting at the head of the prosecution and reject it requests for his resignation.

Asked what the motive was, what evidence proves the probable responsibility of the suspect and how the facts occurred, Pech Cen replied that he could not provide this information, protected by law.

On 29 August, Javier Rodríguez and his companion were assassinated on Calle Caleta, almost on the corner of Palenque Avenue, after 17.00, which caused a wave of reactions that fueled the criticism of the performance of the public prosecutor and the authorities. that have been exceeded to control crime figures and violence in the city.


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