They ask for the resignation of the director of Tec II

chihuahua.- Students and staff of the Chihuahua Technological Institute placed cards in the school facilities to dismiss the headmaster.

The messages were placed on the esplanade of the school, because according to the complainants the director Gabriel Salazar raised money for other cases and mistreated the staff.

In the institution, a general work stoppage was sought, but many of the teachers continued their daily work.

The teachers assured that the directors are authorized to stand at the head of each campus for no more than three years and the designated person has been in the Tec II for almost six years.

They pointed out that the resources obtained through academic activities are not transparent to Gabriel Salazar, for which they require an audit.

Stopping work is agreed to stay for two days, but the union is on the side of the designated person, as reported by teachers Esteban Ortega and Jesus Komaba.

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