They belong to the alleged feminicide of Yaroslava Nenastyna

Last Saturday a hearing took place to resolve the legal situation of Alfonso G, alleged feminicide of the Ukrainian Yaroslava Nenastyna, after being arrested by ministerial agents on Friday afternoon.

Although he was detained, he was released for the crime of bribery, but was again arrested, now based on an arrest warrant and for the crime of disappearance of a person perpetrated by individuals.

Until the end of this edition, it was not known whether the charge was made only for the allegations or whether it was also linked to the trial; nevertheless, it turned out that the duplicity of the condition had been requested by his defense.

Alfonso G, arrested because he was the alleged perpetrator of the Ukrainian perpetrator, was associated with the trial and got his freedom on Friday, but on his departure the House of Justice was arrested by ministerial agents who had an order of imprisonment against him .

The judicial mandate is for his probable responsibility in the crime of disappearance of person committed by persons in tort of Yaroslavaalthough it is assumed that his body is found in Huejotzingo halfway through the week, there is still a lack of forensic procedures to confirm this.

The probable responsible person has two addresses, one in Huejotzingo and the other in Santa María Tonantzintla, in San Andrés Cholula, where he was approached by ministerial officials on 20 August to make a summons regarding the disappearance of the Ukraine born woman.

Apparently, in the transfer to the Prosecution, he already offered five thousand pesos to the agents in one of the office's elevators to let him go.

Although his detention was qualified as legal and he was associated with the bribery process, the crime was not serious and he was given the precautionary measure to periodically offer an audit judges and 5000 pesos as an economic guarantee to prevent the trial. to go. freedom.

When leaving the hearing ministerial officials intercepted him outside the House of Justice and complied with the arrest warrant against himbecause there is photo and video evidence that he was the last person with whom Yaroslava was seen.

For the time being, the results of the DNA test that was performed on human remains found early Wednesday night in Huejotzingo confirm that it is Yaroslava Nenastyna, who was 37 years old.

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