They find 199 skeletal remains in Chihuahua

MEXICO CITY (AP) .- In an operation to locate and locate human remains in Chihuahua, elements of different security agencies restored 199 skeletal remains, the Public Prosecutor's Office (FGE) reported.

According to a statement from the agency, 242 elements from the State Investigation Office, the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Public Prosecutor's Office and the State Security Commission participated, as well as analysts, experts in field crime, cadets and dog brokers.

The activity consisted of a tracing in which they traveled more than eight and a half kilometers in the stream south of the cities "El Millón" and "Juárez y Reforma", in the municipality of Guadalupe, after analyzing research files in those presumed To exist in this area are clandestine incarnated bodies.

The skeletal remains were packed for transfer to the Forensic Medical Service and later analyzed by anthropology and genetic laboratories, for their respective individualization, lateralisation and identification, according to the FGE.

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