They find the son of a journalist in Veracruz [Estados] – 02/09/2018

Veracruz. – After 72 hours the son of the journalist, Fidel Pérez Sánchez, appeared. Without giving details, the communicator, Fidel Pérez, thanked the community of journalists and academics from the Universidad Veracruzana (UV) who concentrated on the flagpole, to demand more authorities from the state government to find the young Fidel Eduardo Pérez Morales

Through his social networks, Veracruz journalist Fidel Pérez Sánchez reported the disappearance of his son, Fidel Eduardo Pérez Morales, 24 years old since last Friday when he was on his way to work.

According to Diario de Xalapa, according to the journalist, his son left his home on Friday, August 31 at about 11.00 in the morning and did not work and did not return home. "Deep in helplessness and despair I share: my son, Fidel Eduardo Pérez Morales, 24 years old, left home on Friday 31 August at 11 o'clock in the morning on his way to work.Today we have nothing about him conscience and has not been informed that he is at work. & # 39;

"It is necessary to say that he does not have a cell phone and has less of a criminal record." The journalist communicated with the secretary of public security, Jaime Tellez Marie, to ask for support to find his son.

The journalistic community in Veracruz has united to ask the government of the state to conduct a search to find the communicator's son.

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