They give 72 hours of exedil from Acapulco to explain the absence of 342 weapons

ACAPULCO.- After viewing the armament of the elements and controls of the Ministry of Public Security from Acapulco City Hall, the Ninth Military Region gave a 72-hour term to the branch president of Acapulco, Evodio Velázquez Aguirre, to explain the absence of the 342 missing weapons.

This approach was endorsed by the rest of the members of the Warrior Coordination Group (GCG), who delineated themselves from the appointment of Mayor Velázquez Aguirre Max Lorenzo Sedano Romano as secretary of the public safety of Acapulco.

Via a statement from the GCG it is explained that the general constitution of the Republic and the political constitution of the state of Guerrero, as well as the law of the free municipality, show that the designation of those responsible for the municipal public security is a unique and irrevocable award is from the municipal president

He also mentions that the Guerrero Coordination Group has already told Velazquez twice before that Lorenzo Sedano failed his control and confidentiality tests, but "ignored that information".

As regards the 342 missing weapons, the Ninth Military Region demanded that Evodio Velázquez return the weapons that were not in the tank of the Municipal police of Acapulco, during the assessment that has been made since 25 September.

On that date, the Guerrero Coordination Group implemented an intervention operation at the secretariat of the public safety of that municipality because of suspicions of the probable infiltration of criminal groups in that company.

As a result of this assessment, small doses of drugs were found, as well as weapons and cartridges that did not match the official collective license, in addition to other irregularities.

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