They go against 29 people in connection with lynching [Estados] – 02/09/2018

Puebla.- The Public Prosecution Service (FGE) intends to issue 29 arrest warrants against an equal number of people in connection with the lynching of two innocents accused of "robachicos" in the municipality of Acatlán de Osorio, said the head of the department. , Víctor Carrancá Bourget.

The governor, José Antonio Gali Fayad, guaranteed that there would be no impunity, where the law would be fully applied to those responsible, and confirmed the arrest of the first two issues related to this case. In this connection, Jesus Morales Flores, secretary of public security, said that one of them, nicknamed "El Paisa", unfortunately died of a heart attack.

Separately after the solemn ceremony of bringing together the national flag in the Zócalo and after placing the solemn side at the headquarters of the three departments of the state, the public prosecutor interviewed the commitment to arrest someone involved in the burning two people alive. Wednesday afternoon in that municipality of La Mixteca poblana.

He stated that the process of retrieving evidence based on videos uploaded on social networks, such as Facebook, is carried out to correctly integrate the files.

Carrancá Bourget said that there will be more orders in the next days, so this case will not go unpunished in Acatlán de Osorio.

"In the coming days there will be progress if we go further and we are looking for these people, we have identified 29 people with active and direct participation and we will get the 29 arrest warrants."

He trusted that the folders would be properly integrated the next days, because now with the new accusatory criminal justice system accuracy in the data is required, without having the full names of those involved.

"Fortunately, there is a lot of information about the videos that were broadcast that day, but some data have not yet been identified, such as the names," he said.


The authorities of the state confirmed that the first two arrest warrants were carried out against the same number of issues in the case of Acatlán de Osorio.

"A folder has already been prosecuted and we already have detainees, but one person was in serious health and was transferred to a health center that had been transferred in critical condition for cirrhosis of the liver that was apparently presented and had no time to transmit it to Izúcar (Matamoros) and the pertinent diligences with the presence of the family, "indicated the holder of the FGE.

Jesus Morales Flores, Secretary of State for Public Security, said the operation was carried out at dawn on Saturday, one of the prisoners called "El Paisa".

He also said that the municipal police that delivered the victims to the angry mob has already been presented to the Public Prosecution Service, so that they can make their statements and, on the basis of the investigations, the responsibilities are anonymised.

President Gali has also confirmed that there are results so that there is no impunity for this regrettable event.

"It is an inhuman, cunning act, and we are going to set a strong example so that it does not happen again," he said.

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