They go with street vendors in the Portales colony

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Yesterday, 246 fixed and semi-fixed positions were removed that operated without permission in different parts of the Portales colony.

José Ramón Amieva, head of the government of Mexico City, indicated that the operation was carried out at the request of the Benito Juárez delegation, following complaints from companies that impede public transit.

"I have instructed the Minister of Foreign Affairs [Guillermo Orozco] so that, together with the delegation head [Ángel Luna Pacheco], can serve people and we can generate adequate options. To repeat that the food that the delegation had to ask for the withdrawal of these structures was precisely because they were in an area where trade on the public highway is not allowed, "he said.

The delegation indicated that 222 semi-permanent and 24 permanent posts were removed, hampering the passage for more than 30 years. The operation was carried out on Avenida Tlalpan, Santa Cruz, Necaxa and Febrero.

In the operation participated in more than a thousand elements of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), staff of the Municipal Management Agency (AGU), government secretariat, Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and demarcation.

According to the delegation, so far in the current government more than 19 thousand posts have been removed that did not have permission to work on the public road, which means roads such as Avenida Universidad, Felix Cuevas, Avenida Revolución, and in Mixcoac and Insurgentes Sur.

In an interview, the head of the government said that this type of operation will be maintained in cooperation with the headquarters of the delegations, with the aim of freeing public access, although he has indicated that they have no other request so far.

"The idea is that in places where public trade is not allowed, it is true that the public road is occupied for the transit of people and can of course be shared with a public use of space", he emphasized.

José Ramón Amieva acknowledged that street trading is still a problem in Mexico City, which has even become a matter of public security in the capital.

"It's a safety issue because vehicles have to travel and people can not walk on the sidewalks, sidewalks, sidewalks, we do not want something like that to happen, and what we do is, just, generate that there's trade that's informal. is mentioned in the designated areas and which can not progress in public places, "he added.

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