They have distributed calendars for the new school year

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Publish the list of permitted materials and supplies for the start of activities in the primary schools.

Before the start of School Year 2018-2019 next Monday, the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) has distributed school calendars that apply throughout the Mexican Republic for nursery, primary, secondary, ordinary and other education for the training of primary school teachers

The 2018-2019 school calendar of 185 days in primary education, in force for public and private schools that are included in the national education system (SEN), starts on 20 August and ends on 24 June 2019. [19659004] While the 195-day calendar, for the same academic year, in effect in public and private educational institutions, integrated the SEN, also begins on August 20, but ends on 8th June uli of next year.

Concerning the 200-day school agenda 2018-2019 for normal education and others for the training of teachers in primary education, this is valid for public and private schools at the National Education System.

In this case, they must comply with the requirements set out in the guidelines issued by the SEP, which starts on Monday and ends on July 15, 2019.

List of requirements

] The school year 2018-2019 starts on Monday Thus, the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) published the list of permitted materials and supplies for the start of activities in primary schools across the country.

In order to purchase these materials, the SEP recommended checking whether some tools from the previous school year could be reused, such as scissors, colors and pencils, among others.

Alo that some teachers might suggest sources that are not on this list, depending on the student activities and the context of each of the schools. However, they can not be expensive for the basic family basket.

The federal agency stated that in the three classes of the school gardens the materials to be used are: different types of paper, paints, brushes, colored pencils, brushes, scissors, as well as non-toxic glue and plasticine.

In elementary education, although in every school year the tools change, among the materials that will be used are: small and large grid sheets of 100 sheets, number two pencils, box with colored pencils, pencil, sharpener, pack of white sheets, rubber to to erase and pens, among others.

While in secondary education the tools in every class are also changing, students will always be busy: small and large grid notebooks with 100 sheets, pencils, colored box, self-adhesive pencil, sharpener, pack of 100 white sheets, gum and pens, among others. [19659004] The SEP pointed out that some additional materials can be requested for specific subjects, always in agreement with the parents.

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