They insure more than 35 thousand turtle eggs; they arrest three men

For his probable responsibility in committing the crime of possessing tortoise products, a species threatened with extinction, three men were linked to the trial by a federal judge.

The unit specializing in investigations into crimes against the environment and expected in special laws (Ueidaple) reported that elements of the federal ministerial police held the three persons and secured 35,441 olive-turtle eggs, as detailed later by the Attorney General's Office (PGR) , through a statement.

According to the investigation, the accused aboard a sedan-type vehicle in which there were 26 plastic bags, black, containing the eggs.

The arrest took place on federal highway 200 (Acapulco-Salina Cruz), near the village of La Majada Villalobos, municipality of San Pedro Huamelula, Oaxaca, was added.

In accordance with Article 420 of the Federal Penal Code, paragraph 1, Section IV, with regard to the last paragraph of the same figure, states that "a person who illegally owns a species of wild fauna , endangered, for commercial purposes ", while bribery is planned and punished by Article 222, fraction II, of the same legal standard.

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