They kill "El Macaco", one of the escaped prisoners of the Culiacan prison

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Jesus Carlos Salmón Higuera, The Macaco, one of the two prisoners who dressed as custodians and escaped from prison Culiacán On July 22 he was killed with two other people Sinaloa de Leyvaaccording to the safety authorities of Sinaloa.

According to the first investigations of the prosecution, the three men traveled in a recent Chevrolet Camaro model car, then they were ambushed in a road that runs from the city Campo 6 to Mezquite Alto, in the sindicatura of Estación Naranjo.

One of the bodies remained behind the driver's door and the other two were on the right side of the unit.

In place were dozens of AK-47 rifle bullets goat horn, next to the vehicle that had multiple bullet impacts.

Besides Salmon Fig, they died in the place José Magdaleno "E", 26 years old and César Alberto "E", 24 years old.

The bodies were transferred to Culiacán, where the police and army continued to maintain strong vigilance before the dangerousness that represented The Macaco within the criminal group in which it was managed.

Carlos Jesús Salmón Higuera was accused of participating in an attack on July 9, 2012 in the community of Tetamboca, in El Fuerte, where seven ministerial policemen were killed and another four injured.

He was first transferred to the Cefereso de Guasave on 6 March 2016 and then to a prison in Veracruz in June of the same year. In June 2017 he returned to a prison in Culiacán, where he escaped on July 22nd.

Despite the fact that the Sinaloa government has submitted the formal request for transfer to a maximum security prison, he never received a response.


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