They kill six people in four municipalities south of Guanajuato

GUANAJUATO, Gto (good) .- Six people, including a woman and two preventive policemen, were killed with wealth of violence in the first hours of Thursday in Salvatierra, Huanímaro, Pénjamo and Celaya, municipalities in southern Guanajuato.

One of the victims is a young man from Huanímaro who, along with two other boys, has been deprived of his freedom in the community of Boquillas in that municipality.

According to the first reports, the three young men were kept in captivity all night and in the morning their kidnappers took them to an area in the community of Ojos de Agua where they would apparently be murdered.

One of the young people could, however, escape from running. Another was injured but survived, while the third was killed on the spot.

It was precisely the young man who managed to flee who could reach a place where he informed the authorities and told them that the three had been deprived of their freedom by a criminal group.

The wounded are serious.

In Celaya two men's bodies met at about 7 o'clock near a sewer in the community of Camargo, near a retirement of cranes.

The signs indicate that they were killed at the site because there were several bullet casings.

An hour after this discovery, another body, but a woman, was found by people who left to work in the community of San Marcos, near the border with Michoacán.

The woman also has shots on the head; It was next to a bridge that connects this city with Santa Fe del Río, on the territory of Michoacan.

In Salvatierra, shortly after 10 o'clock in the morning, a civilian and two municipal police, presumably active members in Santiago Maravatío, were killed when they were at a bus stop at the roundabout of Acámbaro and Yuriria.

Apparently the preventive buses were waiting on the bus at the roundabout Ángel Libertario, as it is known at that point next to a petrol station, at the intersection to Acámbaro and Yuriria, around 10:15 in the morning.

The police would have finished their service because they had taken the uniforms in their backpacks.

Witnesses who reported the incident to 911 indicated that at that moment two cars with various armed persons walked through the site and shot the police several times, which also injured a citizen who was standing a stone's throw away. .

Police and paramedics of the Red Cross arrived at the scene, but when they checked the wounded, they realized that they had already died.

On the site were 9 mm caliber and 223 caliber weapons, a long weapon.

Two of the victims were shot in the skull and the third in the neck.

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