They link to trial to Layín for 3 crimes

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The former mayor of San Blas, Nayarit, Hilario Ramirez Villanueva, Layin, was associated with the prosecutor for the crimes of misappropriation, abuse of functions and fraud, in addition the Nayarit prosecutor is investigating the use of sources of illegal origin in this case.

In the afternoon yesterday, in Tepic, Guillermo Romero, the controlling agent, dismissed the arguments of the former mayoral defense and decided that both Layín and the former municipal curator, Armida Silvestre Juárez, and the former secretary general of the city council, Mario Vázquez Flores, they have to be processed.

However, the three will look forward to the process in freedom because they have imposed a guarantee of one million 200 thousand pesos on the first and 120 thousand pesos on the other two former officials. During the hearing, the three were potentially responsible for the sale of 12 million pesos, a property with a value of more than 32 million pesos, which was not even held by the municipality; Moreover, they have never given any account of the use of this resource, because there is no data about their entry into the municipal treasury.

During the hearing, the prosecutors explained that after the sale of the 4692 m² site with the former air force, carried out in October 2016, the owner of that building, Concepción Vallín de León, widow of Lanzagorta, He complained the incident for the public prosecutor, then the boss of Édgar Veytia, today imprisoned and accused of drug trafficking in the United States.

Months later, on February 22, 2017, an anonymous call warned the prosecutor that the purchase of the former airline had been made with illicit means, so on March 3 of that year the former prosecutor asked Veytia for information to the National Bank and Securities Commission on the buyer, Andrea Guadalupe Manzanares Valenzuela, who paid 415 pesos in cash and 12 million pesos with the check 003 of a City Banamex account.

So far, the Commission has not provided public authorities with information about the financial movements of the buyer.

On March 7, 2018, the Superior Audit of the State filed a criminal complaint against the former officials because they had not solved the anomalies discovered during the sale of the property and the destination of the funds during the review of the municipality's public account 2016 .

The investigation file of file 836/2018 indicates that it was the own Layín who asked for the cabildo to sell the property that was supposedly municipal property and requested to do so without a public auction to allocate it to Manzanares Valenzuela. ; The former mayor, however, refused to know the buyer.

After linking to the trial of the former officers, the Prosecution has been given a period of three months to do an additional investigation, follow the route of the money and make a call to the buyer of the property.

Meanwhile, Ramírez Villanueva said calmly, denied that he would leave the state, as has been speculated, and said that he is preparing his next birthday party.

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