They open the process up to 6 for the sale of marijuana in Reforma

Mexico City /

Four men and two women, members of the Canábico Squadron, were arrested and linked to the process of crimes against health, after they had sold marijuana on a semi-permanent spot in the Paseo de la Reforma.

The tent was near the Angel of Independence, where they sold food boiled with marijuana and other products, where agents from the Investigation Registry arrived to arrest the managers and confiscate goods.

The detainees said they were part of the Canábico Squad Association, which promotes the benefits of marijuana, but they have not shown any documents.

Four kilos of 142 grams of marijuana in bulk was insured; a kilogram of 999 grams of food prepared with the medicine; four kilos of 57 grams of ointment of this substance; 3.2 milliliters of marijuana with liquid; 4.4 grams of tetrahydrocannabinol; 1.6 grams of cocaine, different doses of LSD; 25.8 grams of methamphetamine and 6 grams of hashish, as well as items for the use of the enervant, a bowl and advertising.

The agent of the public prosecutor's office for the Narcomenudeo Crime Assistance has initiated a research policy for the crime against health in the modality of narcomenudeo, hypothesis of possession with the end of commercialization.

The judge imposed precautionary measures on the six prisoners, one of whom, identified as the organizer of the association, was periodically subjected to the precautionary unit.

While the rest of the inmates must undergo programs for prevention and treatment of addiction, they must also periodically sign and refrain from wearing narcotics.


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