They post a geolocalization device to Alejandro Gutiérrez, but he is still in prison

MEXICO CITY (APR). – After receiving conditional freedom in one of the two criminal cases awaiting the former deputy secretary general of the national PRI, Alejandro Gutiérrez Gutiérrez, his defense demanded that they place a geolocation device placed by the authorities when the leave the prison.

This afternoon, the administrative judge of the Justice Center, based in the North Prison of Mexico City, Fernando Paya Ayala, suspended the amparo requested by the Ministry of Education and Sport against the dismissal of another of the cases against the PRI. the accused must stay in prison.

The defense of Gutiérrez asked the judge for a hearing to place his client the electronic device that he had bought from Joisan SA, after it was reported that no bracelets were available.

Judge Eduardo Alexis Ornelas Perez agreed with the request of the defense, within the criminal case for the alleged deviation of 1.7 million pesos, so Alejandro Gutiérrez was ready to be released with the placement of the device, for the other cause (24 / 2018), which corresponds to the deviation of 250 million pesos from the Chihuahua Treasury to PRI campaigns, a federal judge dismissed the case.

At a hearing on Tuesday 11, the local judge gave permission that Alejandro Gutiérrez would take the trial of 1 million 700 thousand pesos against the arraigo domicile in the Cima Cantera colony, where his family had prepared a property.

Days before, on Saturday, judge Marco Antonio Fuerte Tapia condemned the PRI for the deduction of 250 million pesos from the Chihuahua Treasury to political campaigns of his party.

The Chihuahua government filed an amparo to prevent the resolution from going into effect and on Friday, July 7, the 14th district court, Erick Zabalgoitian, granted amparo 379/18 to the State Secretary for the Treasury to assess the character of the victim in question. discuss the criminal case 24/2018 that follows Gutiérrez.

With this statement, the government of Chihuahua must be considered as part of the criminal proceedings.

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