They present the 19-S simulation platform

The Secretary of Civil Protection of Mexico City, Fausto Lugo, presented the "Simulation platform CdMx", in which the population will register their property to participate in the exercise that will take place on September 19th.

He explained that for the simulation – which will commemorate a year of the earthquake in 2017 – the seismic warning will be activated in the more than 11 thousand loudspeakers of the capital and the application of the app "911 CdMx", at 13:14 hours.

He explained that an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 will hypothetically occur, with an epicenter at 35 kilometers east of Acatlán de Osorio, Puebla and 189 kilometers from Mexico City; It also has an estimated duration of one minute.

He said that institutions, schools, institutions, single-family homes and residential units can register and participate as of today, later they will receive a certificate.

He said that the results of this action will be announced until 5 October.

He added that so far 20 hypothetical scenarios have been considered in which fires, imprisoned people, collapse of communication structures, among others, will be presented; "But we continue in discussions with companies and dependencies.

"The goal is to evaluate the population's response capacity, to promote the withdrawal in areas with a lower risk of real estate, in the event of a significant earthquake and a short distance from Mexico City, in addition to the establishment of mechanisms of action. emergency services through the incident command system, "he said.

The delegations that will place the most emphasis on civil protection protocols are Cuauhtémoc, Benito Juarez, Tlalpan, Iztapalapa, Coyoacán and Xochimilco.

He pointed out that an appeal would be made to the members of the emergency committee, consisting of the heads of capital dependencies, in C5 to coordinate the operations.

"We want to see what can be improved and how the Civil Protection teams work, we do not want to memorize all scenarios, but improve the protocols for action," he emphasized.

He explained that in order to commemorate the 1985 earthquake, there are talks with the federal government for a memorial event in the Zócalo of the capital, although he has not excluded the possibility of holding an official ceremony at the Plaza de la Solidaridad.

He said that the next board, led by the morenista Claudia Sheinbaum, should strengthen the issue of training the population.

Incomplete project

Due to the lack of reliable counting of victims, the elected head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, warned that she will not present her reconstruction project on September 19, but the central axes of what the changes in the program will be.

"After the tour we have made in some affected areas and talked to the victims, we decided to wait for the census to announce our reconstruction project," he said.

He clarified that the existing progress will not stop, "on the contrary, there will be continuity, because the idea is that many people who have not been helped now are based on a transparent program."

"We will look for some of the 30 million (which were before the transition) that we said went to reconstruction to be used transparently for the census of victims," ​​he said.

He announced that César Cravioto will have a meeting with the Commissioner for Reconstruction, Édgar Tungüí, to learn more about progress.

When he refers to the information requested from the Ministry of Finance for the human capital working in the government, he said that it was partially delivered.

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