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A federal judge ordered the release of two defendants by the Attorney General (PGR) in the case of Elba Esther Gordillo.

Isaías Gallardo Chávez and José Manuel Díaz Flores, accused of the crimes of organized crime and operations with illegal means, will remain in jail because they are still faced with charges of tax fraud.

The sixth District Judge of the Federal Criminal Procedure, established in the Preventive Eastern Prison, declared as well founded the suspension of the legal proceedings promoted by both employees of the National Union of Employees of Education (SNTE).

The court held that the evidence presented by the PGR against the two persons for money laundering was obtained illegally, as there was no court order to review the accused's accounts and financial movements.

In addition, there was no complaint from the authorities of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

According to the PGR, Gordillo benefited from 1,978 million pesos, through financial transfers by three people close to the teacher: Gallardo Chávez, Díaz Flores and Nora Guadalupe, who remains in prison.

"Isaías and José Manuel are hard-working people working in administrative areas, it is a shame that they have accused them as part of a staging, a governmental meeting, that a whole play was shown to the whole population and they were convicted as guilty without being "said Marco del Toro, attorney of the case.

The PGR ensured that none of these people had permission to use the SNTE funds, and they also used personal accounts.

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