They reject former official of C. Duarte-Reforma – 22-08-2018

The Superior Audit Office of the State (ASE) again lodged a complaint against former officials of the administration of former PRI governor César Duarte.

The new complaint filed on Wednesday for the Prosecutor General is for an amount of more than 200 million pesos in unresolved irregularities and goes against the former head of the Chihuahuan Health Institute (ICHISAL), Pedro Hernández, and other officials, within the fiscal year 2016.

The special auditor of normativity and follow-up of the ASE, Jesús Raymundo Mata Cárdenas, provided the file in which the observations that may constitute a crime are detailed.

"For irregularities of more than 200 million pesos, for various actions such as direct rewards granted outside the law for the purchase of medicines and other items, including allowances, simulated contracts, among other things", the agency explained.

The ASE has filed 23 criminal complaints with the FGE against various public entities and former officials after having been instructed by the State Congress.

"The complaints are the result of unresolved observations of the public accounts of the above entities, and of which the H. State Congress has ordered the initiation of civil, criminal and administrative procedures for the irregularities in their public accounts, which correspond to the fiscal year 2016, "added the agency.

The complaints were filed against various entities, their owners and other former officials, such as the state government, the higher court of the state, the civil state pensions of the state, the promotion of the Chihuahuan industry, COESVI, ICHISAL, and others in the interior of the same ASE.

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