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The brunette leader said they had not funed him

CITY OF MEXICO (EFE and El Universal) .- The Supreme Court of the federal judicial branch (Tepjf) withdrew the fine imposed by the electoral body on Morena, for a confidence in favor of victims of earthquakes in Mexico, reported the institution yesterday. .

"The Tepjf rescind the resolution approved by the General Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE), establishing that there was an inseparable link between the trust" Por los demás & # 39; "and the Morena Party & # 39; 39; said the agency in a statement.

According to the INE, the relationship between Morena and the funds deposited in the trust made them subject to the control rules and consequently imposed a fine of 197 million pesos on the party.

After a challenge from Morena, however, the highest chamber of the electorate established that although the INE is competent to supervise the public and private funds of a political party, "the investigation was not exhaustive, because the line of investigation."

"The plenary pointed out that the authority's steps were not sufficient because they did not lead to a full investigation of the facts, in particular the authority should have sought the cooperation of tax and banking institutions," he added.

On the other hand, the magistrates were of the opinion that the resolution lacks "internal consistency" because it does not recognize the use of public funds, but at the same time gives orders to act on the control procedures of the Morena party.

Finally, the plenary pointed out that there is no causal link between the person responsible for the alleged acts of electoral law – the Morena party – and the determination of an advantage that the latter would have obtained from that activity.

"As a result, since their direct or indirect responsibility for the establishment and operation of the trust has not been proven, the higher chamber reversed the contested decision and with it the sanction that the INE imposed on the Morena party," concluded the bulletin.

The trust, which was supposedly created to help the earthquake victims of 19 September 2017, contributed 78.8 million pesos via cash, cash checks, bank transfers and electronic payments.

But 64.4 million pesos were taken out of the trust and assigned to members of the party, who charged this amount in cash, according to INE research.

"Justice was ready"

In this respect, the president of Morena, Yeidckol Polevnsky, denied that the Electoral Tribunal had favors or that the Andrés Manuel López Obrador transition team lobbied with the magistrates to withdraw the fine. "It was not fun, of course not.We continue to fight against problems in the pipeline, like the case of Puebla being a state election, we continue to fight in Ciudad Juarez's triumph because there is an unacceptable manipulation, which is evidence of the majority gave our president and that is counted and told and they turn it around again, and another one that does not want to hear or see in Nuevo Leon, that candidates for PAN and MC senators their names on football shirts embroidery to campaign, "he said.

In an interview Yeidckol Polevnsky said that justice was done because it was a mistake to fine Morena for an issue that did not correspond to the INE, because the revisions of the trusts have to be resolved by the National Banking and Securities Commission and not the electoral institutes.

He also clarified that the confidence of Por los Demás was not from Morena and that there was never an electoral use of this mechanism in the campaigns, as the INE had investigated.

"There was a lack of INE when turning to see a match when it matched a trust, neither the money came from Morena nor the money came to Morena," he said.

He categorically rejected that the team of the elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, lobbied in the Electoral Court of the Federal Judicial Branch.

"We do not do that, normally we wait until the relevant agencies have found a solution and many things are unacceptable and they lobby with other parties", he emphasized.

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