They retain a number of vendors in Hidalgo; they thought they were "robachicos" ~ El Heraldo de México

After those residents of the community of Santa Ana Ahuehuepa, in the community Tula, lynched and burned a few accused of it "kidnapper", this afternoon residents of Chapulhuacan They held a couple that sold toys on the street.

According to data from the Ministry of Public Security State (SSPH), residents of the community of Coyol kept a foreign couple who reportedly sold toys on the street, so they asked for clarification on the reasons why they were on the site.

The place came from the municipal police who accompanied the couple to avoid a new violent accident and the support of the state police, who helped the uniforms before the interrogation of the population.

Citizens were able to inform the authorities about the presence of the couple, so that they were eventually released when they discovered that they were sellers without a criminal past.

the SSPH reported that the rumors circulating in social networks and incorrect information was one of the reasons why they lynched two people in Tula yesterday afternoon, so they identified the people who produce such content through the cybernetic police, and they were sent with images of Syria , for which he stressed that there had been no cases of abductions for children in the state.

Yesterday afternoon, a 50-year-old woman and a 40-year-old man from the Tula region were lynched by residents and died from burns of the third degree, reportedly as a result of the suspicion. "kidnapper".

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