They signal the demolition of the Rébsamen

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Almost a year after part of the Enrique Rébsamen school collapsed as a result of the earthquake on 19 September, the authorities of the Secretariat of works and services (Sobse) of the capital, in cooperation with experts from the Procuraduría Capitalina, removal of debris from the property.

More than 30 workers and five cranes gathered at school on Monday at 9 am; they closed the Rancho Tamboreo street, at the intersection with Calzada de las Brujas, to close the area of ​​the Rébsamen, even the crossing with the vehicle was canceled.

Afterwards they waited for experts in forensic photography and architects specializing in the demolition of the capital lawyer's office, who document all the work and continue collecting evidence, which will be used in the test in which the research unit is integrated.

The removal of debris, as well as the work of the authorities, will be checked by the parents and family members of the victims of the accident, as agreed and it was thanks to this that the work was authorized.

The head of the government, José Ramón Amieva, explained that the work began with permission from the parents of the victims.

"We have requested that the Ministry of Works and Services, under the supervision of the experts from the Attorney General's office, carry out the removal of these concrete or cement slabs that were at risk of being relocated. with great certainty, especially for adjacent buildings, "the president added.

According to specialists, the demolition takes one and a half months to two months, during which the entire street of Rancho Tamboreo will be closed, which annoyed the neighbors, who revealed that the authorities did not explain to them what the works would consist of. Now they are aware that their vehicles will not be able to leave or enter their garages or to enter heavy vehicles, leaving different vehicles without gas.

"The authorities of the Tlalpan delegation and the government of Mexico City continue to do badly, no one has told us that they are now breaking up." In the last meeting they told us it would take up to two weeks, but today we will be months and our cars will be left where we can, this colony is very uncertain and no one guarantees us safety for the vehicles.

"We will not have gas either, because they will not be able to supply us and they will cut off the light, the cable and the telephone, nobody has consulted us about all these decisions and now we are locked in," Carmen said. Rodríguez, a neighbor of the Enrique Rébsamen school.

The removal of dirt will be gradual; the cranes will try to bring huge pieces of pottery to another point in the street, where it will be cut into small pieces for their total retirement.

According to experts, the work is a high risk because the affected party is very sensitive.

Those in charge of the Local Attorney General's Office (PGJ) said that the evidence, files and documentation that might have been compromised on the day of the collapse are already protected, but they are the evidence that may appear in the rubble , will continue to collect.

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