They stop at 6 in attempted expulsion of panista in NL

Monterrey, Mexico- The attempt to expel the PAN of Felipe de Jesús Cantú and his supporters of a sit-in in the government palace by the Monterrey police ended this morning with six detainees who were later released.

After 15 hours of demonstration at rest, municipal elements at 14:00 tried to expel the Cantu and his followers from the central esplanade of the city palace by asking them to relocate to place a platform for a event

On one side of the esplanade, the police asked them to remove the chairs and tables that they had brought to the site when they claimed they had no real estate & # 39; in that area and then threatened to confiscate if the order was not executed.

of the dialogue between the still elected mayor and the police personnel, the authorities started taking 02.24 hours of seats and tables of the supporters, which caused some conflict between elem Entos and the followers of the PAN

After half an hour to be moderate, there was a warning from the authority on the subject of tables and chairs, which caused a new outburst of rage at 3:00 am, reassured minutes later

In the incidents, Felipe de Jesús Cantú ended with a scratch his forehead, while he tried not to take a seat.

Felipe de Jesús Cantú & s team reported that the detainees during the deportation were Mario Gutiérrez Hernández, Édgar Martínez, Alfredo Leal, Raúl Ruiz, Ramakxel Luna López and Mario Sergio Montelongo

At 3:33 am Cantú and people in his neighborhood sit on a chair that the municipality put in front of the event, but an hour later they retreated to a bank after a dialogue with the police, who placed a caution loss around the central esplanade next to handrails that other workers had installed to close the area.

He spoke for a few minutes with the 30 followers who stayed on the spot.

Later, he slept for about an hour.

At least 40 supporters continued to demonstrate in the city palace, where Cantu is expected to receive the visit on Sunday. of former presidential candidate Josefina Vázquez Mota and national secretary of the PAN, Marcelo Torres, at 10:45 and 12:00 respectively.

Militants and supporters of National Action took flags to wave them at the intersection of Zaragoza and Ocampo and placed a blanket with the caption "We trust the Trife, we believe in democracy."

Meanwhile, a delegation from Cantu left at 9.30 am to the cells of Parque La Alamey to pay the deposit of the detainees and release them.

Around 10:30 am the six detainees were released.

Relatives of the detainees and part of the Cantu team negotiated the release, and assured them they left

"They arbitrarily arrested us with the luxury of violence," said Raúl Ruiz.

"We were in a peaceful demonstration, we never insulted anyone, instead they have offended and defeated us," he said. "There was no charge against us, apparently it was an administrative mistake, but they told us nothing else, nor did they tell us to leave", said the person affected in an interview.

Carmen Hernández and Hernán Gutiérrez, parents of the young detainee Mario Gutiérrez, said to be proud of their son who "sacrifices his freedom" to defend the democracy of the citizens.

"Very worried, but quieter because we know he is okay, but also very proud because our son showed great courage," said the mother.

Some of the detainees went back to the city palace to continue in the sit-in.

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