They will remember victims of earthquakes on 19 September

They will remember victims of earthquakes on September 19 with two exercises

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Less than a month away A year after the earthquake on 19 September, said the head of the government, José Ramón Amieva, that day remember the people who lost their lives two events will be held in 1985 and 2017.

The first of them 7:19 am, in the Plaza de la Solidaridad, place where the Hotel Regis was located, collapsed 33 years ago, because of the earthquake with a force of 8.1.

So long 1:14 PMwhen the earthquake of magnitude 7.1 took place last year, a simulation will be carried out with an earthquake hypothesis of 7.2 magnitude with an epicenter in Acatlán de Osorio, Puebla, at a distance of 189 kilometers from Mexico City.

In this simulacrum we have an extra painful situation that this is on September 19 of last year and on that basis we also have a generation who lived in the city and who did not have such a difficult experience when it happened. So now it is focused on the issue of resilience, the issue of the new generations and the question of the preservation of the city to be able to stand before an event of nature and to remain as a city. ", Said Amieva Gálvez.

This Wednesday, a 5.3 magnitude earthquake with epicenter in Ometepec, Guerrero the capitalists surprised at 13:01 this Wednesday in Mexico City.

Although the speakers that replicated the seismic warning did not sound, the applications on the mobile phones reported the earthquake that was going on.

There were no incidents after the earthquake, Civil Protection indicates CDMX

Immediately groups for civil protection, mainly government buildings, they started off the workers of the buildings.

The earthquake was not perceptible in many areas, although there were people who indicated that they had felt a very slight movement.

After looking at the buildings and checking that there was no risk, the employees returned to their workplace.

An earthquake of 5.3 is registered in Guerrero; feel in CDMX

As part of the protocol of action, helicopters of the Condor Group of the Ministry of Security made overflights and it was determined that there was no damage.

Meanwhile, Fausto Lugo, the Minister of Civil Protection of the capital said that there are no incidents registered, and if the seismic warning was not activated, it was because it was an earthquake of less than 6 and the projection model showed that there were no risk implications for citizenship.

Through his Twitter account he advised the population to revise the structures, as well as the electrical and gas installations of their homes.


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